Monday, April 03, 2006

Heaven is a place in... (surely not?!?)

I think I want to start eating Schwenkbraten, and learn to talk German!

Oh my god, this sounds like heaven:

  • Voted most comfortable German bicycle city.
  • 3,000 space park parking facility at the main train station.
  • A complete network of wide bike paths and roads open exclusively to cyclists.
  • Rent a bike easily, typically £4.80 per day. (That is HALF the price of my equivalent train fare in London!)

No, I'm not dreaming, this is M√ľnster in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany.

It sounds like the city has it's town planning priorities properly organized. The 3,000 space bike parking opened in 1999, and within the 1st year alone achieved 80% full capacity.

What can I say, these Germans are YEARS ahead of us! (Come on Ken... get on your bike mate ;-)

Muenster City

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