Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Dark Side

Maybe I'm being optimistic, but the onset of British Summer Time last weekend, for me really represented an axe felling the whole winter phase of cycling. Drawing a line to end the cold, dark & short winter days, simultaneously welcoming the warm, sunny, long summer evenings.

Of course, I'm wrong on both counts - neither seasonal stereotype is right... This IS England; Summer will have ample rain showers, and to be honest winter was not bad at all, in fact I find colder ambient temperatures complementary to cycling.

The daylight is a positive improvement though. Being able to cycle to and from work in good visibility daylight, is a refreshing benefit for me. Incidentally I would consider now to be a great time of year for anyone considering starting cycle commuting.

  • Temperatures are pleasant and rising, so buying special winter clothing is not so important.
  • More daylight = better visibility, and less reliance on bike lights.
  • Failed all your NYE resolutions? got plump? going on a beach holiday soon?
  • Commuting by bike is far more interesting than any other transport I've tried!

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