Monday, March 06, 2006

Today the ride to work was ok, fairly congested traffic, so a slow pace where necessary, and riding with the view to fit in to the road position of "just another car." i.e. centre of lane, queing up behind cars at traffic lights, rather than squeezing in to gaps beside cars (who may or may not, know you are there). This calmness & co-operation resulted in no incidents today.

But my main issue today was with the weather. Started off so bright, sunny, and chilled morning, promising to be a fine dry day. But the next time I checked (say 4pm) the weather had broken it's promise, and lined up a dark grey sky for my cycle home.

Thankfully (as is often the case recently) the bulk of the rain showers had emptied it's content, then ceased. Providing a wet road with dry air. This I like, because the wet surface although offering less grip (for braking and cornering), also seems to have less friction, making pedalling slightly easier. Turned out alright in the end!

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