Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Who Are You & What Do You Want?

Looking at the web stats (by the most excellent, It's good to read that this blog is getting steady hits, and a few of you are regular returning visitors.

So firstly let me thank you for stopping by this blog, and secondly help me find out what you like reading here:

What do you want to see more of?

  • Opinion?
  • Experiences?
  • News?
  • Eco-Themes?
  • Products?
  • Comment?
  • Humour?
  • New Rider Advice?
  • Other? (please say)

Please let me know.

I'd like for this blog not just to be a one-way street of me posting stuff AT you. There is a great comment system on blogger, and anyone can add their opinion, you can even post comments anonymously if you prefer.

Come on, with canine instincts; you know you want to raise your leg and leave your mark on the tree trunk of this blog!

Feel free to email me also, for any feedback or suggestions you might have, I welcome it!

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