Thursday, April 13, 2006

Envious Engineering Efficiency

For a change, I got out for a cycle away from London, towards the countryside.
I saw a beautiful pheasant had been mauled by drivers, (probably accidentally, but try telling the pheasant that now.) It got me thinking:

How all the pheasant did was unknowingly put its trust in humans. Car driving humans. Speeding, polluting, inattentive, oil-addicted humans, that's us.

How the pheasant spent its life taking only what it NEEDED to survive. It didn't plunder the natural resources it was surrounded by.

How it flew effortlessly from A to B, powered by its own energy: No carbon footprint or damaging pollution problems.

How envious we should be, of its engineering efficiency.

So I read the above again, and realised parallels can be drawn with cyclists, and this pheasant:

Trust, efficiency, own power supply, no pollution, and something to be envious of - all apply to cyclists too.

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