Saturday, April 15, 2006

London Cycle Routes - Maps & Resources

Whether you want to check out a new cycling route to work, or are just curious of any undiscovered cycle routes in your location, here are a collection of cycle path and cycle lane resources online.

  • Camden Cycling Campaign's London Route Map - Google maps showing official TfL cycle routes, park and canal routes and other recommended cycle routes throughout Inner London. Locations of bike shops, cycle parking and hazards to look out for.

  • London Cycle Network Webmap - Zoomable London cycle map, with added descriptions labelling numbered cycle routes / off road routes / quieter roads, etc.

  • TFL Journey Planner - I have to give this new facility a mention. The TFL Journey Planner has been expanded to cater for cycle journeys. However, a computer generated route suggestion will never be as good as the common-sense of a local human suggestion. But worth a link.

  • Sustrans Plan Route - Use the plan route facility to find cycle routes in your chosen area. Searchable by postcode.

  • Cyclemaps 1 - Non-zoomable computerised minor road route suggestions.

  • Cyclemaps 2 - Non-zoomable computerised direct route suggestions.

  • BUPA - BUPA's brief list of cycle route resources.

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Expanded and updated, please see the new article: London bike ride and bike routes, for ideas, maps, and the best places in London for commuting bike trips and leisure bike rides.

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check out this dedicated bike lanes on a google map...

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