Friday, October 27, 2006

Who Will Buy...?

My Scabs on ebay! Hahaha!

People have flogged worse.

Are you frickin serious!?!?!

Anyway this is frickin living-ART baby!
(Attentionseeking, & Ridiculously Tasteless)

I currently have baby-scabs underneath the friction burns (grazes) I received on 09.10.06. But the big protective scabs have finally just dropped off.

So naturally, rather than binning them like a sane human, I'm putting them on eBay, to let one lucky person, experience the dream, share the trials, feel the torment, and, err, chuck it in THEIR bin instead!

Things to do with your ebay scab!

  • Glue the scab to your own limbs, and invent your own imaginary anecdote to impress all your friends.

  • Steal my DNA, and get to work in your basement, creating a super-cycling Frankenstein.

  • Stick it in formaldehyde and sell it to Damian Hirst for £1million pounds.

  • Tossing a coin is SO last-year! Step out-of-the-box people, and flip THIS for heads or tails! Great for all those important yes / no decisions.

  • Go 'round the house of the woman who ran me over, and put it in her cornflakes.

  • Breed them, create scabettes, enough to pepper your driveway for that shingle effect.

Bids start (as they will probably end at) a bargain 1 penny!

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