Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Got Me Bike Back!

Lunch time yesterday, I jumped on Ken's finest red and took a trip to collect my bike.

It actually looked better than I left it; visually obvious that it had received £100 of professional loving.

Got a bonus tip as well - apparently elastic bands tied on the brake levers, slowly bleeds the hydraulic system for air, when left for a few days. (This could also double as an elementary security device, for a really, REALLY dumb thief!)

I mounted the steed, and done some vigorous bouncing around, to convince myself it wasn't going to immediately fall apart - circus style.

I tentatively joined a busy main road, with cars passing by me. The first 10 seconds were spent thinking "please don't crash in to me, please don't crash in to me" and they didn't, so that was nice.

The ride felt a bit different to how I remember it; more squidgy and a bit wobbly, although that was probably more me than the bike.

Soon thought "this ain't so bad" as I rolled along, with the refreshing breeze caressing my face.

Further justification appeared ahead of me, and I rode straight past it. It was the first of many queuing traffic jams.

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1 comment:

Ludwig said...

Glad to hear you're back in the saddle again! It's hard to say what my attitude and reaction would be in your circumstances, but if it ever does happen to me I hope to deal with it like you have.

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