Wednesday, October 11, 2006

RTA - After Effects

Still very stiff today, hobbling about as my right hip seemed take a solid knock when I was sent down on Monday. Compounded by the zip on the pocket of my shorts, which dug in to the hip leaving a noticeable gash. It was probably the point-load of the zip which caused the bruising around the hip area, making my walking speed now akin to a 90 year old man who just downed a bottle of whisky.

Bits of my body which seemed fine when checked over on adrenaline, are now deciding they want attention too. For example neck, ribs, abdomen, and both shoulders are all pretty achy, sensitive and stiff.

Slowly making my way to work yesterday on foot, I could not believe it as I was OVERTAKEN by a pedestrian who looked genuinely disabled, with his legs pointing in random directions, kind of dragging them inelegantly but effectively past me at speed. I'm not competitive - it's not like I was desperate for some impromptu Special-Olympics race or something. It just put in to perspective my current temporary situation.

On the positive side, it is exactly because of my regular cycling exercise that my immune system and general health is pretty strong, meaning that friction grazes from the tarmac are already starting to scab over, and heal.

Making sure I continue to eat healthily, take multivitamins, cod liver oil, giving my body the building blocks to work its clever stuff and get me back on my bike ASAP. Particularly, I’m taking in lots and lots of citrusy vitamin C, which is crucial for the collagen-related wound-healing process.

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1 comment:

kimbofo said...

oh no, that looks very sore. I did wonder how you would fare after such a fall.

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