Saturday, October 21, 2006

Ninja Cyclists

The clocks go back an hour this year on 29th October confirming the end of British Summer Time.

The weather has already begun signalling its intention to steal away daylight from some of our commuting journeys.

But you wouldn't have imagined it's getting darker earlier, judging by some of the idiot cyclists and their choice of attire.

I can understand the argument for cycling in ordinary clothes; it's not a sport, you don't have to push hard & sweat, the bicycle can be used as a convenient utility, riding short trips in normal clothes, and the Dutch give a great demonstration of this.

But come on; dark black sky, tarmac road (AKA "the black stuff"), and I've witnessed a cyclist, with no lights, (inherently disadvantaged by only having 20% of a car's width (mostly the rider's body), as a canvas to be visible), wearing... black trousers, and a black top! WTF!

Isn't the connection between lack of daylight and cyclist's visibility absolutely obvious?! No wonder we have labels on our coffee warning: "contents may be hot", and on packets of walnuts "not suitable for those with nut allergies". Has everybody turned sto0o0opiiiid?!?

Cyclist enjoying eating up miles of traffic jams,
but who will see him on his return journey this evening?

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