Sunday, July 30, 2006

Average, Uneventful, Daily Cycling

In the quiet periods between posts, the reason is essentially that nothing untoward is happening.

When frequently commuting on only a select few routes, it becomes plain where all the hot-spots are, and over time can learn what actions are necessary to enjoy another uneventful, safe ride.

E.g. moving to the middle of the road in good time, before passing through natural pinch points such as traffic islands, and other tight gaps, when passed every day these hazards are predictable and dealt with automatically. The best road position to use for busy junctions, can be refined through experience.

Typically a normal ride consists of all kinds of repeated systematic checks and manoeuvres which make for a smooth journey. Not exciting, but very reliable.

These average, unexciting, daily bicycle commutes are the norm, which suits me fine, but doesn't make for great blog posts!

So that is what's happening when there are no posts; no frills, I'm just riding.

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Good blog - we're in the same boat, just found this through C+. I write at See you on the road!

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