Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Best Things About Cycle Commuting

Here are my personal top 5 most pleasurable reasons why I enjoy cycling and commuting by bike.

5) The ability to stay in bed longer, because the journey time cycling to work is shorter than by car, by bus, and by train, in my urban environment.

4) Relaxed, steady filtering past long lines of queuing traffic jams, taking just a few minutes on the bike, which I KNOW takes 20 or 30 minutes to drive the same road in my car.

3) The feeling of fitness, being able to sustain constant exertion all journey if you choose, and the associated "feel-good" endorphins the body rewards you with.

2) The freedom & pleasant experience of any long stretch of off-road, quiet, high speed, smooth, cycle path (rare!).

1) The optimism to be cycling at a time when:

a) Cycling's mass popularity is growing and more new riders are uncovering the pleasures of two wheels,

b) Government & Local Council policies appear to be slowly increasing provisions to accommodate the growing population of cyclists, and

c) General public awareness is waking up to the realisation that world oil supply is limited, 100 year old internal-combustion engines need to be replaced (e.g. Hybrid Cars / Corn Fuel / Fuel Cell Technology / Hydrogen power / Etc.), and awareness of more environmentally responsible forms of transport is increasing.

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