Friday, July 07, 2006

Near-Miss Peugeot 206

After a recent spell experiencing civility, co-operation, and sensible driving while I've been commuting by bike, I saw a head-on near-miss today.

I was riding in a cycle lane, no problems, a bus ahead pulled in to its bus-stop conventionally. Again no problem, either wait or overtake it. Just before this, an old peugeot 206 went passed me, and some dizzy passenger mumbled something out her window at me: "bluhr bluhr, raa raa, BIKE!"

Couldn't work out if it was a compliment, or just some sarcastic jibe. I don't expect it was the most valuable nugget of ground-breaking information in the world, anyway.

A stream of cars cheekily crept passed the bus. Cheeky, because oncoming cars moved in to the oncoming bus lane for this to happen. I'm pretty sure the bus lane was in operation then, so seems a little bit sacrificial to risk a fine, for the benefit of others, but hey.

Our verbally-overt peugeot friend then made the drivers flaw - assuming of traffic ahead; "they got away with it, so I should be alright". (Hearing family fortunes; "Eeeh Urrrgh!" in my head.)

An unsuspecting oncoming silver car was not party to our peugeot friend's dubious logic. The silver car was forced to brake harshly and swerve wildly to avoid the unrelenting trundle of French metal.

My art skills (on the trailing edge of technology), explains the road layout a little clearer.

Although a near-miss and potentially a big accident, because thankfully no-one was hurt, I later found it quite amusing that the peugeot occupants were too busy verballing cyclists to bother about actually driving!

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1 comment:

Tracy said...

It's nice to know that nobody got hurt. Those Peugeot occupants better have the new Peugeot 206 Look so the next time they roam the streets they'll be the ones to attract attention rather than distract.

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