Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hmmmm :-\

So I left it until I woke up this morning, to decide whether to commute by bicycle / car / train today. Not the best time for decisions for me, as I barely have enough cohesive brainpower some mornings, to put milk & cereal together!

In my corner of London, the sky looked grey. Plump with moisture ready to drop, swaggering in the same way we school-kids used to wield bouncy water bombs.

Potentials, and what ifs aside, factually; it was dry, bit windy, but very cyclable either way.

I seemed to have a love / hate special connection with the weather today. As in;

The weather loves to hate me.

Because exactly as I donned my cycling shorts, literally the act of pulling them up, was a slow-motion surreal coincidence, signalling for the rain to start falling down. Bastad!!!!

Probably because I've got so used to the constant dry heatwave we experienced, I began my ride trying to counter-attack the rain with a deluge of expletives, and make it go away.

It didn't work.

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Adrian Fitch said...

If only it would work! I started commuting by bike in May and so far I've quite liked the rain. It's not too heavy, it hasn't been too cold and I'm only riding for about 30 mins. I'll let you know if I still feel the same way in November...

Urban Commuter said...

Welcome to the commute Adrian, hope you're loving it too!

May is like the perfect time imo to begin cycling full time - not too cold, not too hot, and heads towards the dry summer spell. Very good timing m8!

And hey, in November we'll all be wearing jackets, so you'll arrive dryer than you do now even. :-)

Kit said...

Having just started I can attest that late july/early august is a great time to start too.

After my commute I can write off the HUGE sweat stains on me as the result of the heat rather than my cripplingly low levels of fitness!

Urban Commuter said...

haha Kit! good cover.

The heatwave seems to have gone away for now, back to more reasonable temperatures for me.

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