Sunday, August 27, 2006

Best Cycle Route In London?

One legacy of the infamous Millennium Dome on the Greenwich peninsula, is a quality stretch of National Cycle Route Number 1, which passes through it.

The cycle route around the dome really is the complete antithesis of bad cycle lanes. As shown in the pictures, the design is wide enough for overtaking, riding in pairs & talking, and allowing a safe gap between oncoming cyclists, (something many other cycle paths fail at).

The purpose built cycle route, alongside the river Thames, genuinely deserves some credit for the well-designed, fit for purpose, facility which is available today. It's fine to ride, with a smooth flat surface.

A cycle map for the Greenwich peninsula is available on TfL's London Cycle Guide 11. Links available on my previous post: London cycle route map resources.

This is how off-road cycle routes should be.

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