Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Enjoying The Non-School-Run

The biggest development was when the schools broke up for summer. Immediately, I noticed traffic jams shorten, and traffic flow reduce.

I recall reading various reports which assert the dreaded school run, is to blame for something like 33% to 50% of rush hour traffic. On my ride, it's VERY noticeable, especially during the morning journey.

This bliss of quieter roads & less cars, has got even better in August, which I guess is down to the typical holiday season. Whereby all the little kids are now getting driven around the streets of tourist resorts, instead of to school. The obese little sods!

This status quo lasts from July to September, and I'm going to enjoy it to the max.

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Ham said...

I know what you mean, but I'm afraid that it seems to reduce the already low roadcraft skills of some drivers. Basically, they just go too fast, because they can which leads to more dogy situations that might end up involving me however much I try to make certain it doesn't.

Urban Commuter said...

Thanks for leaving a comment Ham :-) I like the photos in your blog.

Yeah I suppose there are various ways to interpret fewer vehicles on the road over summer. One school of thought could be that maybe it's better traffic is snarled up in backloged jams; bad drivers can't do much damage at 0 mph!

Another school of thought is straightforward ratios - the less vehicles there are to interact with (quieter roads), the less chance of any bad driving incident occuring (because the frequency of vehicles is lower).

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