Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Harmony, balance, ying this, yang that...

Out on the bike over the christmas holiday, to stretch my legs, to keep the fitness up - and to avoid ending up lazing about, scoffing mince pies while watching endless film re-runs on TV.

Cycling away from urbania, traffic lights became infrequent and open stretches stretched for longer. The weather was not particularly inspiring - 8oC, dry, overcast grey sky.

But during this ride; longer and quieter than my normal commute, it became clear to me how harmonious cycling is. The revolutions of the pedals, a synchronously beating heart, clockwork inhaling and exhaling, all combining to power bike & rider for magnified progress, at speeds unattainable individually.

The conscience is refreshed to know, that the only immediate waste-products are the hum of passing tarmac, the satisfying clunk of the next gear, and the feel-good endorphins rewarded from effort.

I was going to use the word synergy, but since that word has been well and truly hijacked by the buzzword gypsies and systematically abused in "corporate visions" everywhere, I won't.

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Jack said...

Just came across your blog. It's really excellent. Thanks for linking to the Bike Show. Perhaps you'd like to come onto the show as a guest sometime in the new year?


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