Friday, December 08, 2006

Disturbing & Suspicious Story

Bob Breedlove, a champion endurance cyclist and respected orthopaedic surgeon from Des Moines, Iowa, USA, was killed when a pick up truck collided in to him.

The driver had no licence and was 15 years old.

He got probation, 24 hours of community service and paid $200, as the "consequence".

The family was unhappy with the "hometown favouritism" of the local authorities.


Why does the investigation sound like a cover-up?

There's no such thing as an accident - just human error mainly. So where are the deservedly harsh penalties for killing people?

Who decided killing a human one way results in a 20 year prison sentence, and killing a human another way results in a $200 inconvenience? Absolutely crazy!

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kwilkinson said...

This is insane. I paid more for my speeding ticket in August.

Warren T said...

Too many stories like this out there. The one that disturbs me the most is the 19 year old woman who drove off the road and killed a cyclist because she was downloading a ring tone. She got "the maximum sentence of six months of conditional discharge a form of probation without reporting to an officer a $1,000 fine and traffic safety school."

Why can't the penalty for taking someone's life be more like the 5 years prison and $250,000 fine that they can slap on you for copying a DVD? Twisted.

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