Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Drivers Goodwill?

Is it me, or are London's drivers warming to some seasonal goodwill?

Today I experienced zero incidents, no-one passed too closely, no one cut me up, no one knocked me off. Maybe I was riding defensively, maybe vehicles were all impotently knotted in traffic jams, or maybe the thought of Christmas presents and happy faces has relaxed everyone, as we all wind down before Christmas.

Compounding the success of this simple activity - Cycling to work, was a fine crisp December day. Again; enjoying visible breath. With optimistically bright daylight, made all the more valuable by its early disappearance this time of year. This will turn around in only 10 days, from the Shortest day of the year on Friday 22nd December 2006 and head back up towards to another pleasurable summer.

Wow - How quickly has this year gone by! Amazing.

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