Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Rent A Bike In London

Not everyone owns a bike. Fortunately a number of London cycle companies provide bicycle hire for a day. This rental approach makes it accessible to try cycling in London.

See 2008 Update: Rent bikes in London.

I can think of a range of scenarios for bike rental:

  • Tourists in the capital on holiday, for some bike riding recreation.
  • Commuters wanting to trial their route by bike, before committing to buy a bike.
  • Owner rider's normal bike is in for servicing or repairs, and a rental could fill a few days in place of the normal bike.
  • People travelling from far outside London, not wanting to bring their own bike all the way in to the city centre.
  • Curious people who are just interested to experience riding around London on two wheels.

Where To Rent A Bike In London

Here is a selection of bicycle hire companies with their rates, in alphabetical order:

Budgie Bike Hire
Budgie Bike Hire through the YHA
Bike Type: "budgie bike"
Cost: £1.50 per hour to £9.50 per day

Go Pedal - Bike Hire
Bike Type: "classic city cruiser"
Cost: £18 to £24 per day

London Bicycle - Bike Hire
Bike Types: Mountain bikes & Hybrids
Cost: £3.00 per hour,
or £16 per day,
or £48 per week

OY Bike - London Bike Rental
Bike Type: "yellow rental bikes"
Cost: £2 per hour,
with a sliding scale;
£0.30 for 15 mins,
up to £8 per day.

Velorution - Folding Bike Hire
Bike Type: Folding bikes
(Brompton / Dahon, etc)
Cost: £20 for 1 day,
£15 per day after that.

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cafiend said...

You wrote the headline in American ("rent" a bike) but used English in the body of the post ("hire" a bike). I always enjoy when visitors from Britain ask to hire a bike. So you're bilingual?

Urban Commuter said...

Seems so.. Accidentally at least!

Yeah I can speak Yank:

"Last fall I was driving my sedan on a dirt road, I forgot to stop for gas, and my cell didn’t work. Leaving me with a helluva walk to drag my butt to the next gas station.”

How's that.

Oh, I forgot the obligatory American enthusiasm:


Velorution said...

Please note the following regarding Velorution Bike Hire:
1. Hire from the shop is £15/day; £20 includes delivery to Central London Hotel.
2. We now rent Brompton only.

Anonymous said...

Dear Urban Commuter,

You do realize that Americans act nothing like that and that and we don't speak "Yank". Most of us speak English not like you though. I can speak your language though, "Cheerio, top o' the mornin' to ya! Well, best be off, I have loads to do today." but I see why you're mad. If I had crappy weather I would be mean too. ;)

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