Friday, October 03, 2008

Your Bike Security in London

Out and about in London, let’s take a look at how you actually lock your bikes, highlighting the good and bad examples of how to lock your bike.

This conspicuous rider has decorated their bicycle in yellow and black hazard warning tape. A very novel idea, and no, it is not a nomination for this year’s Turner Prize.

A hideous work of aesthetic-butchery it may be, and for this reason it scores maximum points for being highly unattractive as far as a bike thief is concerned.

As mentioned in the recent three-part bike security article, thieves prefer homogenous branded bicycles that are recognisable, and easy to sell-on (e.g. A Trek mountain bike, a GT Mountain bike, etc). Being individualistic with the style and appearance of a bike is a good thing for bike security.

Even the functional and boring mudguards do not escape the decorative treatment! Bonus points!

However, this particular example is let down by the incompetent steel chain wrapped in a thin plastic covering. The erroneous locking techniques accumulate: The chain is loose, not tightly wrapped. The chain only lightly secures the frame, leaving both wheels free for disassembly.

Despite all this, this unique bike remains happily on the bike stand. Which is more that can be said for the next example…

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