Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good News Story

Amongst the avalanche of groaning daily news stories, it is refreshing to uncover a good news story. It is pleasant to hear examples of charitable humanity, no matter how basic. Simple? Yes. Insignificant? No.

One recent Saturday on the Chaires group ride, I had a flat tire about 4 miles from the end of the ride. With no spare tube, I started walking. A young man named Ryan stopped with his truck to give me a lift... Thank you, Ryan.

Do you know anyone else who has received some good will and assistance from passing drivers?

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Karl McCracken said...

Don't know anyone who's been helped . . . but if I'm driving and see someone trying to fix a tyre, I do stop and ask if I can help / give 'em a lift. It's happened twice, and both times the cyclist has been doing OK without my help . . . it's still good to ask though - one day it might be me who's forgot the tyre levers, pump, knut mangler, or whatever!

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