Sunday, March 11, 2007

Chocolate Slave

Watching the BBC's Heaven & Earth TV program today, raised the topic of slavery and people trafficking. Amongst the interesting issues was the buying and selling of children to work in one of the world's main locations of cocoa production. Full background and campaign here - Stop The

What has this got to do with cycling? Pass. The most tenuous links I can find, are that chocolate can fuel cycling, and they both make you feel good!

I view this cause is very worthwhile supporting because it is SO straightforward to action! - A consumer just buys ethically sourced chocolate. With Easter approaching, and taste buds salivating, now is a great time to focus on consumer decisions and buying power.

The above campaign is collating a list of Good Chocolates, which guarantee the cocoa beans have not been harvested by human trafficked labour.

I noticed the chocolate big guns like Nestlé and Cadbury are loudly absent from the Good Chocolate list. So reading between the lines then, is it a case that Nestlé & Cadbury's Chocolates use slave labour? And will I have to consider which label my next choco-indulgence will support, for it still to taste as sweet?

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