Thursday, March 22, 2007

Bike Theft Tracked!

The recent snow in parts of the UK provided this little gem of a story from yesterday, which occured near Newcastle Upon Tyne:

Reports were received by police around 1.20am on Wednesday that a shed had been broken into, with two bicycles stolen.

Fresh evidence lay under police noses when they noticed a trail of footprints, captured by the heavy snow, leading to a property only a few hundred yards away.

The footprints paved the way to the hapless thief's door and a 16-year-old was subsequently arrested.

Both bikes were recovered and the teenager is in custody on suspicion of burglary.

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Adrian Fitch said...

Love it. Thanks for posting.

Karl McCracken said...

There must be something about the IQ of thieves in Newcastle (i.e. where I live!).

I tracked some theives in the snow a few weeks back. They'd been breaking into factory units, and left a nice trail in the fresh snow! See

When confronted by the police, they 'fessed up pretty much immediately, probably using the line, "It's a fair cop guv".

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