Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Cycling-London Blog Is ONE!

On 28th February 2006 I decided to wheelie in to the blogging world and start writing. Today celebrates Cycling-London’s 1st birthday!

Despite having increasingly less time to contribute to Cycling-London, I really enjoy creating new blog posts and sharing the thoughts of the moment.

It is also an appropriate time to give a big thank you to the regular visitors who read Cycling-London! Thank you also for expanding and colouring the content further, with your comments and views.

A retrospective of some choice entries from this year:

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1 comment:

Karl McCracken said...

Happy Birthday!

I particularly liked your round up of top stories from the year - I tend not to like these on TV / Radio (the 'best of TWiT' a couple of weeks ago was awful), but your list was a great retrospective.

The "Average Speed" post was great. Clients are usually fairly curious about my cycling to see them, and the primary question is how do I get the time . . . yet the statistics pretty much speak for themselves - cycling is probably on a par with driving for average journey times. According to my car's trip computer, I average 26 mph. But that includes all the time I'm heading up and down the motorway at 65-70mph. According to my cyclecomputer, I generally average 14-16mph on all journeys, but that's pretty much all in-town, with traffic, lights and junctions to deal with.

Keep it up!

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