Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Just... Why?

Aaahahaha! You have got to see this new invention!

Treadmill Bike

Make sure you watch the promotional video, and enjoy the painfully bubbly "Treadmill Bikers" extol all the WONDERFUL! OH MY GOD! AMAZING! benefits of possibly the worst idea ever.

The Full SP

  • Start with two wheels and a handlebar.
  • Fit embarrassing gangsta spinners, as wheels (like anyone is going to do a drive-by on this thing!).
  • Turn the frame in to a giant scooter (it is at this point scepticism sets in).
  • Implant a runner's treadmill from a gym (whaaa???).
  • Gear the transmission, so that sprinting on the treadmill like a demented hamster, results in this Unidentified Failing Object, barely achieving walking speed!

Arty, Baby!

To be fair, this Canadian site is all about whacky & creative designs, and my favourite is probably the "Couch Bike".

I found the Treadmill Bike funniest when I surfed after coming home from a long day at work, and approaching it with a literal view. For a moment I thought the video was serious! Haha!

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Inspiration from: Warren T

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Al said...

Ugh, disgusting... *shudder*

Question for ya... some of us geeks are into our XML and our RSS etc, have you got a feed location you're hiding on me?


Urban Commuter said...

Good point Al.

I think blogger does one here:

And my Firefox 2.0 browser has a little RSS icon to the right of the http... URL, which i believe can subscribe to the feed.


kimbofo said...

Thanks for a great laugh! Could you imagine 'riding' one of those things around the streets of London!? ;)

Dustin said...

If the people at the Bicycle Forest aren't walking on their bikes, then they're pedaling their pickup trucks.

Anonymous said...

Ah...I hate to break it to you - when I saw that video, I thought it was a joke, too - but the Treadmill Bike truly does exist. They even rent it out! Too silly... Val

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