Saturday, May 06, 2006

Independent Motoring: Cycling Is Best

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The Independent newspaper ran an interesting article listing greener motoring choices. But unsurprisingly, glossed over one of the most accessible and eco-friendly solutions.

Cycling received a tiny and almost hidden mention:

"Cycling is best of all, of course."

And it is understandable that any commercial organisation with vested interests in the motor industry, will never turn around and say:

"Well actually... Leave your car at home today, to be honest you'll be fitter, happier, & richer if you cycled instead."

Such an imaginary press release would clearly be commercial suicide, because there is just too much profit in motoring: - car sales, fuel tax revenue, insurance profits, car finance & loans profits, parking fine revenues, new roads schemes & construction profits, speed camera revenues, and so on.

Eco friendly the car is not. Yet populist trends of SUV's (4x4's), and luxury cars bought in the face of global warming is just unexplainable!

So it is up to the pioneering individuals, to thumb their nose at insane mass-market trends, of bigger heavier cars, with larger engines, emitting increased CO2 emissions.

And say; "sod that! I'm taking the bike today!!"

Original Independent Article.

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