Friday, July 25, 2008

Yellow Triangle

A heart-warming tale from the CTC’s updates, which reports a mother’s story about her son’s management of Asperger’s Syndrome.

“My son Will has Asperger’s Syndrome which for him manifests itself with deep depression and anxiety. Earlier this year at an appointment with his psychotherapist, he asked Will to express himself by colouring-in paper to convey his feelings. He coloured the whole page black and used sharp, thick, heavy lines to represent his anxieties but in the bottom corner of the page was a small yellow triangle. The psychotherapist asked "what does this represent?" and he replied "riding my bike".

Will explained that when he is out riding his bike, everything seems ok and manageable. As a result, we decided that we should ride bikes as a family and we now have at least one long bike ride a week.”

I think that Will is certainly on to something good there. Not only a productive way to help manage Asperger’s Syndrome, I think the yellow triangle feeling can be enjoyed by all bike riders, in the right time and place.

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Matt Dinnery said...

I'd agree with that, being a cyclist and having Asperger's Syndrome myself.

I'm part of the Cycle club committee at the specialist college that I attend, and often I notice brilliant improvements in some of the cyclists. For example, we have one young lady who was really shy when she started, and now shows keenness and interest in a variety of topics, and will often initiate conversation. She is also a lot calmer, and looking forward to our next ride, Sunderland to London (375 miles in 6 days),

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