Thursday, September 07, 2006

You Don't See That Everyday!

Probably the most odd cycle commute in to work I've had so far...

It was only yesterday that I was talking about;

Upgrading my patience, in preparation for the random oddities which these crowded circumstances can throw up.

How's this: Perfect weather, 18 Degrees C, dry, sunny, begun cycling, everything as normal, except for some unusual incidents.

Charity Ride

1st I got held at a main junction by police outriders, as traffic was stopped to allow 200 riders stream through, on their way from London to Paris , a charity ride for the Royal British Legion.
It looked like a well organised event with support vehicles, and gains extra-cool kudos for having police block junctions for them. Lucky bastads!

Desperate Lorry

2nd event de jour was an articulated lorry which had got itself stuck around an impossibly tight corner, which would never in a million years have worked in the first place!
I guess anger, frustration & embarrassment combined to produce "extremely desperate" driving, as the artic driver reversed directly back in to a large traffic queue waiting patiently behind, sending cyclists & motorbikes at the front scattering to safety elsewhere.

Irresponsible Car

3rd incident was overtaking a long line of stationary cars stuck in traffic. Filtering on the right, plenty of room, when this guy just wildly threw his drivers door open!! WTF?!
No mirrors, no thought, no nothing. So he got a well deserved and huge "WTF!" blast of my Airzound bicycle horn. And the same response again from motorcyclists witnessing it following behind me.

The driver's expression as I unleashed the wrath of mighty airzound was kinda amusing. A transparent hotline to his thought process revealed:

  • "Sh*t, that's loud!" Followed by;
  • "I must have done something wrong, but I don't know what it is yet." Followed by;
  • "(raised eyebrows) I think I'd better wake up now."

And Exhale...

But the bottom line is, despite the randomness of today's unique and exceptional circumstances, all was well, calmness prevailed, and I got to work as normal. Thankfully, you don't see that everyday!

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